Disabled Greens Manifesto

Local Manifesto 2017

It has never been more important to put power in your hands. This election brings huge opportunities and challenges. The councillors elected in 2017 will be faced with meeting the demands of a hugely energised democracy in Scotland. Greens are committed to rising to that challenge by placing power in your hands, by providing the money that councils need to run their services, and by making sure that you – as a citizen and as a community – have the opportunity to play a greater role in the decisions that matter to your life.

This “mini manifesto” details the ways and means by which the Scottish Green Party aims to help disabled people and those important to them, including their carers. With one in ve of our population having one or several disabilities, and as the decisions that impact their lives are largely made at a local level, we aim to show the ways the party will deliver for them. 

Our commitments

  • Protecting services

    All too often as disabled people our services are being cut or removed with no notice or looking at how it impacts us. Greens will campaign to ensure that this does not happen.

  • Connecting communities

    Councils can help build our communities. Green councillors will help to connect people with a thriving local economy, strengthen neighbourhoods with good services and celebrations of local identity, and connect places with better public transport.

  • Creating homes

    Councils help create the places and neighbourhoods where we live. Green councillors want them to be safe, green, accessible and attractive places.

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