Our climate is breaking down.

This is an unprecedented global emergency and climate scientists have warned that we face “untold suffering” unless we radically cut emissions over the next decade.

This is the first General Election in the UK since this warning, and we must use it to demand climate action before it’s too late

The Scottish Greens are the only party that have a plan that would tackle the climate emergency.

Our Green New Deal would transform the economy, create hundreds of thousands of jobs in green industries, and slash emissions.

It would give everyone in Scotland a warm, zero-carbon and affordable home, and make us a world leader in manufacturing and installing renewable energy. These are skills we can export across the world.

The future of our planet is at stake.

Demand climate action - vote Scottish Greens on December 12


A Scottish Green New Deal to tackle the climate emergency

The Scottish Greens are calling for a Scottish Green New Deal that uses every lever available to Scotland to respond to this emergency with the transformational change that is needed.

By redirecting massive investment into low carbon industries, growing a world-leading low carbon manufacturing sector, and restoring our natural environment, we can create hundreds of thousands of quality jobs and tackle the climate crisis.

Find our more about a Scottish Green New Deal and support the campaign.

The Scottish Greens want to see a progressive, independent Scotland in the EU

It should be Scotland’s choice when to hold another referendum, not Westminster’s. We want a second independence referendum before the end of this parliamentary session, which is what the Scottish Parliament voted for.

Scotland’s future is as an independent European nation, and that independence would allow us to build a progressive, sustainable and democratic country, but to get there we must put forward an inspiring and inclusive vision for independence that goes beyond the narrow and conservative SNP vision.

The Scottish Greens have led the fight to stop Brexit

We support a People’s Vote and a second independence referendum so that Scotland can choose the future it wants. Scotland voted to remain in the EU and this vote should be respected.

We should not be dragged out of Europe because of the result of a vote in the rest of the UK that is now three years old and was based on a campaign that lied and broke electoral law.

We’re proud that it was Green MSP Andy Wightman who led a successful legal challenge in the high courts that means the UK can now revoke the Article 50 notification and cancel Brexit.


Demand Climate Action

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