Delivering equality

Westminster Manifesto 2017

Prejudice has no place in our society.

  • We will respect the basic human rights of all citizens and will celebrate the progress made as part of Europe. Brexit must not be used as an excuse to water down or repeal any other domestic protections, such as the Equality Act 2010. We support the UK remaining part of the European Convention on Human Rights, will oppose any effort to repeal the Human Rights Act 1998, and support adopting the European Social Charter to protect fundamental social and economic rights.
  • We will abolish the “family cap”, the “benefit cap” and the “bedroom tax”, and reverse cuts to the social security safety net brought in by Conservative welfare reform acts. These changes have hit women and disabled people hardest, and pushed more people into working poverty. We will end the punishing sanctions regime, halt the roll-out of Universal Credit and allow the Scottish Parliament to design a scheme that works with greater devolution of social security powers.
  • In the longer term, a Universal Basic Income will build a welfare system that removes the stigma of benefits, helps end the “poverty trap” and promote equality. Pensions should provide a guarantee for people in retirement and we support the Women Against State Pension Inequality (WASPI) campaign for transitional protections.
  • Tackling wealth inequality will be a priority. We will introduce a wealth tax on the wealthiest 1%, continue support for a Land Value Tax and introduce laws to limit the size of CEO pay relative to the lowest-paid workers in the company. We will remove VAT from sanitary products and ensure that they are provided free of charge to those in extreme financial need.

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