Spring Conference '19 & EGM

Sat 6th & Sun 7th April 2019
Craiglockhart campus

Rainbow Greens AGM

pmo15874 Tue 2 Apr, 2019

With Spring Conference set to bring huge & exciting changes to the way the party's internal democracy functions, we thought it was time that Rainbow Greens followed suit! 


The Rainbow Greens AGM will be taking place on the second day of Spring Conference, Sunday 7th April. We'll be electing a new team and discussing what issues we should be focusing on to help our community. 


Spring Conference 2019 & EGM

Scottish Greens Fri 15 Feb, 2019

EGM Sat. 6th April Craiglockhart University campus, Edinburgh

Workshops and conference Sunday 7th April

Over the past couple of years, we have been consulting with members over the future shape and structure of the Scottish Green Party. From this, we are now ready to propose a draft new Constitution and accompanying procedures, which will set the rules for governance of everything the Party does in the future.