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The privatisation of our railways was possibly the single greatest mistake in the history of public transport in the UK.

Combined with the closure of so many lines we have been left with one of the worst rail networks in Europe. When profit is put ahead of improving services it is no surprise that services are not improving. By taking our railways back into public ownership we will be able to reduce fares, improve accessibility and increase services.

Read our breifing on public ownership of our railways.

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Latest Campaign Updates

Glasgow Greens Warn of Millions Cut from Council Budget

21 December, 2016 - 12:23

Greens in Glasgow are highlighting how Glasgow City Council is set to have 3.3% less to spend on local services after a cut in revenue funding from the Scottish Government.

The party says the Scottish Government has not given councils a fair deal. The draft budget fails to use new powers to come up with fairer funding proposals for councils to tackle Westminster austerity cuts.

Allan Faulds, Glasgow Greens spokesperson for Local Finance and candidate for Victoria Park said:

Long-term debt held by Scotland's 32 councils is £11.5billion

16 November, 2016 - 08:05

Scottish Green MSPs today (16 Nov) published a report revealing the scale of long-term debt being held by Scotland's 32 local authorities - a total of £11.5billion.

In many cases, councils are spending more than half of the money they bring in from Council Tax simply to pay interest on debts including loans from the UK Treasury and private banks.

The Green MSPs are calling for the debts to be written off, so that local authorities can focus their resources on protecting public services.

Council Tax Win

gma16133 Tue 8 Nov

On Thursday Andy spoke to his amendment to the Government’s Council Tax Statutory Instrument.


MSPs debated a Scottish Statutory Instrument (SSI) [full SSI here] enabling increases to Council Tax bands E-H. All opposition MSPs supported the Green amendment, which states that the Government’s plans "undermine the principle of local accountability and autonomy". The amendment made no attempt to block the Government’s Council tax plans and was voted through 64 votes for to 63 against.

Minority government could mean better dialogue, law & budgets

Patrick Harvie MSP Sat 5 Nov

Many people in Scotland will be disappointed with the modesty of reforms to the council tax agreed by MSPs this week.

The Scottish Government often talks about how decisions on Scotland’s future would be best taken at the Scottish Parliament rather than at Westminster – and Greens agree.

Level heads prevail over Council Tax

3 November, 2016 - 17:52

Andy Wightman MSP, Local Government spokesperson for the Scottish Greens, welcomed tonight's vote in Parliament which enables changes to Council Tax and saw the Scottish Government forced to accept widespread concerns about their approach to local taxation.

Ministers had attempted to amend Mr Wightman's amendment to the Government motion, in a bid to delete modest criticisms of the Government.