Better service, better value, and better for the environment

Three quarters of public transport journeys in Scotland are by bus and buses are a vital link for people going to work, to school and college, to the hospital or shops or to visit friends and family. Yet many people are faced with cuts to routes, poor service and fare hikes. 

A recent Citizen’s Advice Scotland report has shown:

> 64% of respondents were generally dissatisfied with the service frequency of their local bus
> 56% of respondents were generally dissatisfied with the punctuality of their buses (i.e. those services that do exist are often late).                                                                       > 58% feel that their local buses offer poor value for money.

And the top three most important issues to bus users, according to the report, are:

> Service frequency - 72%
> Punctuality - 59%
> Value for money -39%

The Scottish Greens are campaigning to help everyone has access to better buses and we want your help to make this happen. Tell us your bus stories so we can identify where services need to be improved, or get involved in a campaign in your local area.

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