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Member's Bill Consultation Launched

Andy Wightman MSP Fri 29 Jun, 2018

I have launched a consultation on a proposal to introduce a Members’ Bill to the Scottish Parliament that would incorporate the European Charter on Local Self-Government into Scots law.


The European Charter of Local Self-Government is an international treaty of the Council of Europe which enshrines basic rules guaranteeing the political, administrative and financial independence of local authorities. It was ratified by the United Kingdom in 1998 and it came into force on 1 August 1998.


Ministerial Statement on FOI

Andy Wightman MSP Wed 13 Jun, 2018

The Scottish Information Commissioner today published a report [ ] [on the Scottish Government’s handling of Freedom of Information requests. It was highly critical and made nine recommendations  which the Government has accepted.


Shelter Report on Rent Regulation

Andy Wightman MSP Thu 7 Jun, 2018

Shelter report on Rent Regulation

A review of empty and second homes in Scotland

Andy Wightman MSP Wed 6 Jun, 2018

The Scottish Government needs to play catch-up on the worsening problem of empty homes and second homes if it is to tackle the housing crisis, according to Scottish Greens housing spokesperson Andy Wightman MSP.

Publishing a major new report on the issue, Mr Wightman reveals that over the last decade as homelessness has worsened, the proportion of empty homes in Scotland has risen, from 2.76 per cent to 3.05 per cent - a situation he describes as "incredulous".

Planning Bill - Existing Use Value

Andy Wightman MSP Tue 15 May, 2018

The Planning (Scotland) Bill is currently being scrutinised and debated within Parliament. I am proposing to table amendments to enable local authorities to acquire land for public-interest development at existing use value. Amendments will be considered at Stage 2 of the Bill in the latter part of June 2018. Because this proposal does not form part of the Bill, I am consulting on it in order to inform the drafting of the amendment and to establish views on the merits or otherwise of the proposition.

Article 50 January 2018

Andy Wightman MSP Fri 2 Feb, 2018

Article 50

This morning in the Court of Session, there will be a hearing on whether to give permission to proceed with a petition lodged by Andy Wightman MSP, Ross Greer MSP, Alyn Smith MEP, David Martin MEP, Catherine Stihler MEP, Christine Jardine MP and Joanna Cherry MP. The petition concerns a question in law - can Article 50 be unilaterally revoked by the UK Parliament? It asks the Court to refer this question to the Court of Justice of the European Union - the only Court than can provide an answer. Key documents are linked below.

Evictions will continue in the private rented sector

Andy Wightman MSP Fri 1 Dec, 2017

Today, the new Private Residential Tenancy regime comes into force.[1]. This comes at a time when the number of tenants in the private rented sector has trebled since 1999. Yet, despite these new rules coming into force, it is already apparent that for many people in the private rented sector, insecurity will continue.

Article 50 - Joint Statement

Andy Wightman MSP Wed 29 Nov, 2017

by Ross Greer MSP, David Martin MEP, Alyn Smith MEP, Andy Wightman MSP

29 November 2017 


Open Letter to Parents of Pupils at George Watsons' College

Andy Wightman MSP Mon 20 Nov, 2017

Open Letter to parents of pupils at George Watson’s College

Dear Parent,

The Principal of George Watson’s College issued a statement and comments to the media last week in response to a speech I made in the Scottish Parliament. The comments are misleading and convey an erroneous impression of both what I said and why I said it. I hope that the following notes set the record straight.

Bullying and PSE Debate

Andy Wightman MSP Thu 16 Nov, 2017

Yesterday (15th November) Andy spoke in a joint committee debate by the Equalities and Human Rights Committee and the Education and Skills Committee on 'Prejudiced Based Bullying and Harassment in Schools and Personal and Social Education'.