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Westminster Manifesto 2017

The vote to leave the EU has opened questions on the UK’s role in the world. We believe the UK should be a global citizen and welcoming to all.

  • We will work to strengthen the global deal on climate change, including delivering climate justice, building fair trade relations and promoting ecologically sustainable development so that poorer countries can cope with the impacts of climate change.
  • Scotland can welcome many more migrants and asylum seekers who enrich our culture and are an asset to the economy. We will promote a humane and compassionate immigration and asylum system, with a bespoke policy for Scotland including the post-study work visa to allow students who study at UK universities to stay.
  • We will leave NATO and cancel the replacement of the Trident nuclear weapons system, saving at least £100 billion over the next 30 years. We will reduce military spending and reorient the armed forces away from the projection of power and towards defence, protecting the maritime environment and UN-sanctioned humanitarian efforts. We would end the sale of arms to Saudi Arabia, Israel and other repressive regimes.
  • We will continue to stand up to the Trump administration, and to those in the UK who are happy to walk hand-in-hand with this dangerous extremist. Instead we will forge closer links with those in the US who are most threatened by his administration, such as those working on climate change and science-led policy, and campaigners for human rights and equality.
  • We oppose any mass surveillance of the population and will roll back untargeted state powers to intercept emails and phone records. We will strengthen oversight of the security services and introduce a Digital Bill of Rights to protect net neutrality and online privacy.

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