Don't let LNER cut our vital rail services. Join the campaign.

Essential daily rail services in Scotland are under threat. London North Eastern Railway (LNER) have launched a consultation recommending drastic cuts to services across Scotland, including Falkirk and Stirling where they plan to reduce services to once a day, and Glasgow Central and Motherwell where they plan to scrap services completely.

LNER runs train services across the UK, including many in Scotland. The cuts they are proposing would slash regular services to and from Falkirk Grahamston, Stirling, Motherwell and Glasgow Central.

We are living through a global climate crisis and removing useful and direct rail services only aids the demand for unnecessary domestic flights.

At a time when so many people are having their budgets stretched by soaring prices and a cost of living crisis, we need to ensure that it’s as easy and affordable as possible to make the switch from car to train.

These cuts will leave people stranded, out of pocket or could even force them to look for alternative employment.

Join us in telling LNER to listen to our communities and to stop these proposals in their tracks.

Tell LNER not to cut our rail services

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