Across the world nature is in a catastrophic decline. Here in Scotland one in nine species face extinction. On Wednesday 18 November the Scottish Greens will ask Parliament to declare a Nature Emergency and commit to a bold action plan to reverse the declines and protect our natural environment. MSPs won’t vote for it unless they see the public demand it. Please sign our petition and ask the Scottish Parliament to declare a Nature Emergency now!


Nature is in freefall

The world faces an unprecedented threat to nature. Across the world species are in decline with extinctions accelerating. Globally, populations of mammals, birds, fish, amphibians and reptiles have fallen by more than two thirds in less than 50 years [1]. Scotland is no exception. In fact, one in nine of our species are threatened with extinction in Scotland [2]. Yet little is being done to reverse the declines.


What must be done

The Scottish Greens will table a motion to Parliament on Wednesday 18 November that declares a nature emergency and backs ambitious legislation that aims to halt the declines and enable nature to recover. Central to delivering this ambition is creating a national ecological network including well-managed, protected sites in good condition that make up at least 30% of Scotland’s sea and land by 2030. A third of this should be fully protected, so that, for example, no fishing would be allowed in these most special of places.

This will require big investment across Scotland, and should be a central component to Scotland’s green covid-recovery plans, protecting nature whilst creating thousands of jobs across the country and particularly in rural areas. In addition, we need to take action to end those practices that are deeply environmentally damaging and fundamentally at odds with protecting nature, including:

  • Driven grouse moor management
  • Large scale peat extraction 
  • Damaging fishing practices like dredging in sensitive, nature-rich marine environments


Take action

The solutions are there, it’s the political will that’s missing. We hope that Wednesday’s vote will change that. Please take action and help us show that the people of Scotland demand urgent and bold action to protect nature now!




I call on the Scottish Parliament to declare a nature emergency

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