Tell the Prime Minister to keep glass in Scotland’s Deposit Return Scheme

The UK Government is trying to force Scotland to drop glass from our Deposit Return Scheme if any part of the recycling initiative is to be granted “permission” to go ahead.

This is a blatant attack on our environment and our democracy. 

There are more than 50 can and bottle deposit schemes around the world, and the vast majority of them include glass. Over 550 million glass bottles are sold in Scotland every year. It makes no sense to exclude them.

The case is so strong that even the Tory Party used to embrace it. They had an unequivocal commitment to a scheme that included glass as part of the 2019 manifesto that every single Tory MP was elected on.

Email the Prime Minister today and tell him about the environmental necessity for including glass and the difference it would make.

Tell the Prime Minister to keep glass in Scotland's Deposit Return Scheme

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