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Every year, thousands of greyhounds are injured, and hundreds are killed in racetracks across the UK.  

It’s time for an end to this gambling-led ‘sport’ that puts our four-legged friends at serious risk of harm and even death.

The industry is now on its last legs with just one racetrack left in Scotland. And now the Scottish Government has launched a public consultation on the future of greyhound racing in Scotland.  

There’s never been a better time to call for change.  

So join us in asking the Scottish Government to lead the pack and commit to phasing out greyhound racing once and for all by responding to its new consultation.

What’s the problem?

Greyhound racing is a ‘sport’ that forces greyhounds to race around tracks at extremely high speeds for spectators and gamblers. Yet every year, thousands of greyhounds are injured, and hundreds are killed at racetracks all across the UK.  

Despite the industry’s commitments to improve welfare standards at racetracks and reduce the number of injuries and deaths in dogs, the rate of injuries in 2022 was higher than it was in 2018. Over the same five-year period, hundreds of dogs were put to sleep not for medical reasons, but because treatment costs were deemed too high, they were left homeless, or designated “unsuitable for homing”.  
This is heartbreaking.  

But it’s not just about injuries and deaths. There are other concerning animal welfare issues linked with greyhound racing – including neglect, malnutrition, doping with Class A substances, overbreeding, inadequate kennelling conditions, and lack of adequate healthcare provision.  

There is only one racetrack left in Scotland, the unregulated Thornton Greyhound Stadium. Here, the number of injuries and deaths is completely unknown, as there are no requirements for unregulated tracks to meet basic animal welfare standards.   

Too many dogs have died due to the inherent risks of greyhound racing.  

What needs to change?

There were once twenty racetracks in Scotland, now only Thornton Greyhound Stadium remains. It’s clear that public attitudes have shifted, participation is dwindling, and the industry is now on its last legs.  

The animal welfare organisations that previously worked directly with the industry to improve welfare standards at racetracks now believe that the industry is beyond reform. Even the Scottish SPCA told us that current animal welfare law is not sufficient to protect greyhounds from unnecessary suffering.

The disturbing numbers of injuries and deaths from regulated racetracks across the UK proves that introducing a licensing scheme to regulate Scotland’s last remaining racetrack will not go far enough to safeguard the health and welfare of greyhounds.  

We need to see a full phase out of greyhound racing to protect these beautiful dogs from harm.  

What can we do?

The majority of people in Scotland already believe that greyhound racing should be phased out.  

Leading animal welfare organisations in Scotland – including Scottish Animal Welfare Commission, Scottish SPCA, Dogs Trust, OneKind, Blue Cross, League Against Cruel Sports, Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home, and others – agree that it is time to phase out greyhound racing in Scotland.  

The Scottish Government is considering its position on greyhound racing, and a committee in the Scottish Parliament is looking into the issue as well. It’s now consulting on whether licensing greyhound racing will improve dog welfare.  

Now is the time to make our voices heard. Join us in urging the Scottish Government to commit to a phase out of greyhound racing once and for all in its upcoming consultation.  

We have drafted a standard response to the Scottish Government’s consultation on a licensing framework for greyhound racing tracks in Scotland.  

But, we recommend you add some of your own words and give some of your own reasons for supporting a phase out of greyhound racing (e.g. share your experience with homing an ex-racing greyhound).  

As long as greyhound racing is allowed to continue, dogs will continue to get seriously injured or killed. We need the Scottish Government to lead the pack and commit to phasing out greyhound racing in Scotland once and for all.

Help us end greyhound racing

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