<h1>A bolder Holyrood<br /> needs&nbsp;more Green MSPs.</h1> <h1>A Green MSP in your region<br /> needs 20,000 votes.</h1> <h1>Pledge your Green vote today.</h1>

With your help our message is getting through.

Every day we are speaking to more voters on doorsteps up and down the country.

We won our fight for a place on the TV debates.

The latest polls show us electing more Green MSPs than ever before.

But what matters is how you and thousands of others cast your votes on May 5th.

Pledging your vote for the Greens says that you support a bolder parliament backing the radical ideas Scotland needs.

It says you want to replace the unfair and outdated Council Tax with a progressive alternative.

It says you want to see Holyrood ban fracking and instead invest in clean energy jobs.

It says you want to guarantee a future for Scotland's young people with over 200,000 new jobs, and to give carers the support they need with a Carers' Living Wage.

It says that a better Scotland starts today.

I'm Voting Green Today